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Exercise & Movement


In today’s lifestyle, movement is a struggle for everyone. Ten hours of sitting cannot be erased with an hour in the gym. Spending hours in the gym is not the answer either. Explore ways to incorporate mobility throughout the day and include activities that you enjoy. Combine this movement with planned exercise specific to your personal preferences and needs for optimal benefit. Understand how to create and maintain a lean body with full body workouts through strength training, interval training, stretching, and overall mobility.


Why We Are Different

Lean Beans, Lean Teens, and Lean Queens are located in a private and unique facility offering personalized programs to help individuals of all ages to improve their health. The program is specifically designed for those who need the guidance and motivation to get started in a comfortable and unintimidating environment. The goal of the program is to specifically address the needs of the individual while instilling healthy habits. Learning to understand one's unique journey and relationship with food and body as well as incorporating physical activity, and healthy eating is necessary for lasting results.

Each client has a thorough consultation assessing his or her current health status. In addition, the consultation addresses personal preferences, exercise interests, fears, dislikes, stressors, and attitudes towards physical activity and eating. Using this information, an individualized program is designed to help clients gain the most of the program as well as achieve their health goals.

Attributes Important to Lifestyle Changes:

  • Movement
  • Learning to Love Self
  • Pleasure
  • Motivation
  • Collaborative approach
  • Mind-Body Nutrition
  • Relaxation
  • Move at your own ability level, progressing over time
  • Exercise routines and principles based on recent research
  • Personal Exercise Coach: Exercises with you
  • Unique to you: not one plan fits everyone