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Nutrition, Exercise, and Eating Psychology Coaching for All Ages

Lean Beans features exercise and nutrition coaching programs designed for children, teenagers, and adults. Lean Beans is located in a small and safe environment allowing you to comfortably share your health goals and challenges. This atmosphere favors your personal preferences helping you work your way to a healthful routine at your own style and pace.

Lean Beans: Establishing healthy habits while playing games, developing skills, and having fun.

Children and their families gain the knowledge and skills to lead a happy lifestyle filled with physical activity and good nutrition. It is important for children to create healthy habits from the early stages of life. Children practice sport skills, learn about food choices, and improve coordination, motor development, and self-confidence while playing games and having fun. Developing positive attitudes towards self, eating habits, and activity are essential in order to establish healthy living.

Lean Teens: Developing a positive body image and managing emotions

Preteens and teenagers become newly independent and as they continue to grow, they spend additional time away from home. This allows them to make more choices on their own. Ensuring they have the tools to make decisions by consciously choosing moral behaviors and consuming nutritious foods are critical during this vulnerable time. Establishing a fit and strong vision within their newly developed bodies through nutrition awareness, mind-body connection and regular activity can strengthen self-confidence and lead them to lasting healthy living.

Adults: Applying your unique journey to promote lasting health through nutrition, exercise and love.

Whether you are gaining weight or having trouble finding the time and motivation to exercise, it is time to put your unhealthy habits to bed and take action for your health. Say goodbye to chronic dieting today!

Understanding your life story and meeting you where you are in your journey is imperative to reaching goals and establishing new habits that will actually last. Challenges with food and body are a collective issue yet they are also unique to each individual. Learning how to understand your specific health concerns and ways to embrace the challenges through empowerment and nourishing strategies will help lead you down the path to vitality and lifestyle change.


  • 1:1 coaching sessions for individuals of all ages
  • Small exercise classes of 3-8 people
  • All sessions are 60 minutes.
  • A 90-minute new client consult is recommended before package purchase to ensure optimal success of the program.
  • Ask for a complimentary pre-package meeting when you call today.

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